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#1 Cubémon

So, okay, in case you didn't know, all of the Pokémon in this game are weird mishapen cubes. Like, Voltorb isn't even an orb anymore. He's… Voltcube. Or something.

It's not a traditional Pokémon game either, as you'll be using your cooking proficiency to make meals in order to gain more 'mon, and battles are, for the most part, a fairly hands-off approach.

There's a lot to love in the game though, and some of the weird cube abominations actually look kinda cute! You know, in a radiated mutant kind of way.

#2 Basics of battle

In battle you can have up to three Pokémon roaming the wilds, and they'll automatically hunt down other Pokémon and just beat the crap out of them, I guess.

Normal attacks will just happen as and when, but you'll be able to directly control the Pokémons other moves. Taunting Pokémon to get their attention with one, while the others focus on doing damage, and so on.

Take note of the Scatter button on the right, which will make all of your Pokémon run from where they are, which you can use to avoid enemy attacks. Though, walls will get in your way, the 'mons aren't that smart.

#3 More Pokémon

So you want even more pals, huh? Yep, what you need to do is cook a high quality meal, of course. Back at home base you'll have a cooking pot, which you can throw ingredients into to make basic meals.

Each meal will attract different kinds of Pokémon, and you can make larger meals in other pots, which will attract even more Pokémon varieties.

It takes time for pots to cook, so do basic missions and objectives, and make sure to check the pot whenever the icon in the bottom right says you can for more Pokémon pals.

#4 Quests

As with most free-to-play experiences, there's a bunch of quests to get you coming back repeatedly, both Main and Daily Quests.

It's simple enough to finish most of the initial daily and main quests, and of course, it's well worth doing for all of the rewards, so make sure to complete them whenever possible.

#5 Decorative surroundings

Your main base doesn't have to stay plain forever, you can get to work on decorating the place as you earn statues and decorations.

Though, decorations can also be bought with premium currency, so you should try and save up and pick the ones you like. You'll get most of them from beating bosses, though.

Take things slow and don't feel the need to splurge on premium currency items unless you need to. Premium currency is best saved for storage expansions.

Details and tips for each stage

In Pokemon Quest you take a team of three pokemon on Expeditions through various stages, each stage with their own number of waves and boss. Find out details and tips for each stage in the walkthrough below. 


1. First Steppe | Bonus Type: Fighting
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
1-1200 Strength3Meowth
1-2650 Strength3Metapod
1-3750 Strength4Pidgeotto / Abra
1-Boss850 Strength4Raticate

2. Gloomy Grove | Bonus Type: Fire
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
2-11,000 StrengthGloom
2-21,200 Strength3Exeggutor
2-31,500 Strength4Weepinbell
2-41,700 Strength3Cloyster
2-Boss2,100 Strength4Beedrill / Butterfree

3. Backforth Brook | Bonus Type: Grass
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
3-11,100 Strength4Slowbro
3-21,300 Strength4Tentacruel
3-31,600 Strength3Golduck
3-41,800 Strength4Parasect
3-Boss2,300 Strength4Polywrath

4. Parched Peak | Bonus Type: Flying
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
4-12,400 Strength3Machoke
4-22,700 Strength4Ninetales
4-33,000 Strength3Rapidash
4-43,900 Strength3Archinine
4-Boss5,100 Strength4Machamp

5. Belly Button Cave | Bonus Type: Water
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
5-12,500 Strength3Gravler
5-22,800 Strength3Golbat
5-33,300 Strength3Onyx
5-44,500 Strength3Marowak
5-Boss5,400 Strength4Golem

6. Pincushion Plain | Bonus Type: Bug
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
6-13,400 Strength4Persian
6-23,600 Strength4Pidgeot
6-34,200 Strength4Hypno
6-44,800 Strength3Mr. Mime
6-Boss5,700 Strength4Alakazam

7. Miasma Moor | Bonus Type: Rock
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
7-16,100 Strength3Venomoth
7-26,900 Strength42x Weezing
7-37,600 Strength3Victreebel
7-48,200 Strength3Muk
7-510,800 Strength3Vileplume
7-Boss12,500 Strength4Pincir

8. Hushed Highlands | Bonus Type: Ground
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
8-16,500 Strength3Wigglytuff
8-27,200 Strength3Arbok
8-37,900 Strength3Kangaskhan
8-48,400 Strength3Likitung
8-510,500 Strength4Clefable
8-Boss12,900 Strength4Nidoking & Nidoqueen

9. Nightlight Nook | Bonus Type: Psychic
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
9-18,600 Strength4Haunter
9-29,000 Strength4Rhydon
9-39,500 Strength3Dewgong
9-411,600 Strength4Magneton
9-513,500 Strength3Jynx
9-Boss15,400 Strength4Gengar

10. Farside Fjord | Bonus Type: Electric
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
10-18,800 Strength4Starmie
10-29,200 Strength4Seadra
10-39,900 Strength4Seaking
10-412,100 Strength4Kingler
10-514,300 Strength43x Dodrio
10-Boss16,200 Strength4Gyarados
11. Chamber of Legends | Bonus Type: None
ExpeditionEnemy StrengthWavesFinal Wave PKMN
11-Boss17,500 Strength0Mewtwo


Following the encounter with Mewtwo and the end credits, a new level opens up called Happenstance Island. Here you can fight on a random level with enemies and a boss that are themed to that level. The level changes every time, as do the enemies, and taking a higher numbered Expedition increases the damage and health of the enemies, as well as the rewards you recieve.

Each level consists of 4 waves plus a boss and has a time limit of 5 minutes from the time you enter, if you don't defeat the final boss in that time you lose in the same way as if all your Pokémon fainted.

Happenstance Island | Bonus Type: None
ExpeditionEnemy Strength
12-118,000 Strength
12-220,000 Strength
12-325,000 Strength
12-430,000 Strength
12-532,000 Strength
12-633,000 Strength
12-734,000 Strength
12-835,000 Strength
12-Boss36,500 Strength

Get a Defensive Pokemon

This is one of the most important things you can do. Put a defensive Pokemon with a TON of HP on your team to work as an anchor. They will be your survivor that never goes down. Get a Pokemon like Onix or Golem with Harden, then give it as many Sharing Stones as possible to beef up your whole team. This strategy should absolutely help you hang on in even the toughest boss fights.

Horde Those Ingredients

I don’t suggest throwing ingredients into your pot willy-nilly. Later on, you’ll unlock better pots that require even more ingredients per recipe, and you will run out fast. If you want to be really strategic, think of the specific Pokemon you want, then look up the Recipes list on IGN’s Pokemon Quest wiki to see exactly what to cook so that nothing goes to waste.

Team Composition Matters

Building on that defensive Pokemon tip, think about how each Pokemon on your team covers the others. Having trouble getting past a tough boss? Consider using two Pokemon that can stat-boost your team, or getting a Pokemon that can confuse your opponent with Supersonic or Confuse Ray. Check out Best Pokemon in Pokemon Quest for more details on which Pokemon to choose and how to build a team.

EditDon't Forget to Collect PM Tickets

PM Tickets are useful when you fail a mission and want to collect tickets, to refill your battery, and to purchase useful decorations that will help you progress faster. 

1. Log in daily to get the Member Service bonus PM Tickets.

2. Check out How to Earn PM Tickets to learn how to get the most PM Tickets.

Pokemon Quest

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