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Adopt Me is a roleplay simulator on ROBLOX made by the group DreamCraft and can be considered a spiritual successor to Adopt and Raise a Baby. DreamCraft is owned by a player named NewFissy, known for creating the game The Roblox Plauge and Treelands. The game features two parties, a baby and a parent. The parent must care for the baby. There are other features, like obbies, pets, and apartments.

Adopt Me! was created by two notable players: one is NewFissy for scripting and leading the team, and the other was Bethink for building and being the creative vision for the game.

The game is mobile compatible.

Parents spawn outside the nursery, while babies spawn inside the nursery. Babies and parents can ask (not request) nearby players to be apart of their family them by pressing [E] on a computer or tablet, or [click to send request] on a mobile. Or they can create their own family by going to the family GUI and then clicking “Create Family.”

When a baby or a parent accepts a player invite to be their family, both the baby and the parent will have a GUI. If there is multiple babies in the family, the baby that was held first's GUI’s will show up for the parent. That GUI is for the baby's needs. There are four of these needs the parent must tend to, otherwise the baby will be unhappy. These needs are represented as bars, slowly shrinking as time passes. The lower the GUI of the baby is, the lower the daily paycheck the parent will receive. The four needs are:

Hunger - How hungry the baby is, can be increased by feeding formula or food from Supermarket.
Fun - How active the baby is, can be increased by going to the park or shaking rattles.
Cleanliness - How clean the baby is, can be increased by swimming or taking a shower in a house or in the Gym.
Sleepiness - How tired the baby is, can only be increased by placing the baby in the bed.
There is an in-game currency called money, which is used to buy special stuff for your baby. As a baby, you gain money by having your parent take care of you. As a parent, you gain money by taking care of your baby.

How Do I Buy Things?

Parent: If you are a parent, your job is to go into the Nursery and adopt a baby, or you can create or be added to a family. Once you do that, you must keep your baby's stats up, which can be done by checking your baby monitor. Every four minutes, you will get a Paycheck of 20 Bucks.  

Baby: If you are a baby, you must get added by a parent or another baby to a family. Once you have done that, you must go around with your parent and try to higher your stats as they decrease. Just like your parent, every four minutes you'll receive a Paycheck of 20 Bucks.

You can also earn money by completing obbies. The obbies do have a wait limit once you complete that obby until you can earn money from it again.

How Do I Keep My Baby healthy?

This table shows the locations of where the baby can go to boost each individual stat.





Pizza ShopBaby ShopPoolNursery
Ice Cream ShopGymGymHouses/Apartments
Baby ShopPoolHouses/Apartments-
Grocery StorePark--
-Fun Shop--

Where Do You Find a Car?

As some do not know, you can find a car in the Car Dealership right next to the Nursery.

Car Dealership

The Car Dealership near the nursery.

Cost (Bucks)
Bike75Has 1 seat
Car900Has 2 seats
Convertible2100Has 2 seats
Moped800Has 1 seat
Motorcycle400Has 1 seat
Multi-Bike300Has 2 seats
Offroader1200Has 4 seats

How Do I Add More Members To My Family?

If you'd like to add more members to your family, click on the add to family button above a player's avatar who you would like to add to your family. If they are already in a family this option will not appear. If you wish to leave your family to be invited to another family, click on the family button at the bottom right corner of your screen. After you have done this, click leave family and you can be added to another family. To be added to another family, someone who is already in that family must invite you to join their family.


Vehicles are how to get around in 'Adopt Me!'. All the vehicles can be bought in the Car Dealership except the exclusive VIP GoKart and event vehicles.

You can spawn your vehicle by going into your backpack, going to the transportation section, and clicking the specific vehicle you want.

List of Vehicles

Ground Vehicles

Rocket SledObtained from Event item(s)1
BathtubObtained from Event item(s)3

Premium Vehicles
These vehicles can be obtained by buying specific game passes.

VehicleObtained bySeatsSkin(s)Rarity



These are the different skins of the skateboard. Every skateboard is the same and has 1 seat and was obtained from event item(s)

These are the different skins of the snowboard. Every snowboard is the same and has 1 seat and was obtained from event item(s) Note: Each snowboard's rarity is common






Pink Neon






Green Neon


Blue Neon


List of Shops

Adopt Me! List of Shops
Baby ShopBaby Bottles • Baby Formula • Balloon Stroller • Car Stroller • Colored Stroller • Doge Rattle • Double Stroller • Droplet Stroller • Duck Rattle • Rattle • Squid Rattle • Unicorn Rattle
Car DealershipBike • Car • Convertible • Moped • Motorcycle • Multi-Bike • Offroader
Clothing Store
(Floor 1)
Red Grind • Blackvalk • Black and Red • Cinnamon Hair • Classic Fedora • Clockwork Shades • Clockwork's Headphones • Crown of Fruity Pebbles • Doge • Dominus Astra • Domino Crown • Golden Hair • Ice Crown • Jack O' Bandit • JJ5x5 Top Hat • Lady of the Federation • Lime Green Shutter Shades • Midnight Blue Sparkle Time • OBC Hat • Omega Rainbow Helmet • Pants • Peanut-Butter Sparkle Time Hair • Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat • Pete's Dragon Gold Medal • President Doge • Purple Banded Top Hat • Rock Star with Side Swept Bangs • Shirts • Shaggy • Silverthorn Antlers • TBC Hat • The Void Star • Valkyrie Helm
Clothing Store
(Floor 2)
Adurite Bucket • American Cowboy • Arctic Commando • Azure Pinstripe Fedora • Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People • Black Iron Bucket of Ultimate Pwnage • Brunette Updo with Bow • Buddy Baseball Cap • Chill Cap • Classic Swordpack Throwback • Dark Conjurer • Dark Cerulean Crown of Ozymandias • Dr. Ishmael • Eerie Pumpkin • Emerald Crystal Circlet• Fuchsia Fantastique • Glorious Pink Party Queen • Grey Cat Tail • Immortal Sword: The Piece Maker • Kitty Ears • Musica Infernus • Neon Pink Top Hat • Pants • Rainbow Fedora • Rainbow Shaggy • Secret Kid Wizard Glasses • Shirts • Shoulder Sloth • Sinister Branches • Sky Blue Sparkle Time • Socialite
Fun ShopBox Blocks • Heart Balloon • Heart Plushies • Hula Hoop • Pogo Stick • Teddy Bear
Coffee ShopCoffee • Cookie • Tea
Ice Cream ShopCone • Blue Ice Cream • Brown Ice Cream • Green Ice Cream • Pink Ice Cream • Purple Ice Cream • Red Ice Cream • White Ice Cream
Pizza ShopPizza Dough • Cheese • Pepperoni • Peppers • Sauce
SupermarketApple • Blueberry Pie • Burger • Cake • Cheese • Chocolate Milk • Ham • Hotdog • Popcorn • Sandwich • Soda • Taco • Water • Watermelon

Baby Shop

Cost (Bucks) 
Baby Bottles5Instead of editing from the baby formula, you can drink!
Baby Formula10Edible
Balloon Stroller1500Colorable
Car Stroller450Colorable
Colored Stroller100Colorable
Doge Rattle175Ultra Rattle
Double Stroller135Colorable
Droplet Stroller300Colorable
Duck Rattle100Ultra Rattle
Rattle50Customizable coloring
Squid Rattle425Ultra Rattle
Unicorn Rattle275Ultra Rattle

Adopt Me

This is a tips for Adopt Me Roblox. If you want to have a taste to be a good parent or a good baby, download this Guide for Adopt Me Roblox and create your own family in Adopt Me! This guide provides you the information as well as the tips for playing Adopt Me, such as how to raise your baby, keep him healthy etc.

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