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Cooking Fever is a free mobile app cooking game that challenges both your time management as well as strategy skills.  We've compiled some tricks, tips and walkthrough strategies to help you in the game.  This includes a game strategy guide, as well as breakdown for each restaurant and the challenges per each level.  This guide is meant to provide you with strategy tips so that you can increase the amount of coins and gems you earn, versus buying them.  There are also a few insider tips and tricks that can help you improve your score and pass levels along the way.

Cooking Fever currently has three playing screens; the City which has 9 restaurants,Paradise Island which currently has 6 restaurants and Alpine Mountains which currently has 2 restaurants.  The Bakery restaurant is available when you start the game.  Other restaurants become available as you advance in  experience levels, which are known as XP.  Each restaurant has 40 levels of play with a minimum score needed to pass the level in order to advance to the next level. The game also offers in-app purchases; so if you are impatient, you can spend real money to get extra coins and gems instead of earning them during the game. 

City restaurants

Fast Food Court
Chinese Restaurant
Indian Diner
Seafood Bistro
Breakfast Cafe
Sushi Restaurant
FC Barcelona Sports Bar

Paradise Island restaurants

Ice Cream Bar
Corn Dog Van
Paradise Cocktail Bar
Cafe Mexicana
House of Crab
Sunset Waffles

Alpine Mountains restaurants

Smokey Grill BBQ
Italian Buffet
Salad Bar
Aloha Bistro

The Restaurants

The Bakery is available when you first start the game and others will become available as you gain XP (Experience Points). Each unlocked restaurant has a main status screen which provides you with an overview of your standings in that restaurant. This screen has links to the Kitchen and Interior Upgrades screens. The main screen is also where you can view and claim your restaurant's Daily Income. Click on the restaurant name in the list below to view detailed information about that restaurant's levels, upgrades and other strategy tip or tricks.
 RestaurantCoins To BuyGems To BuyLocationAvailability

Daily Income

(3 stars for all levels)

Fast Food Court 0 0City Immediately372 Focus on getting XP Level 7
Bakery 500010 City XP Level 4732Read Bakery page before buying
Chinese Restaurant 1000020City XP Level 10702
Indian Diner1500030City XP Level 18900
Pizzeria1500030City XP Level 13(876)
Seafood Bistro2500050City XP Level 28918Wait until restaurant goes on sale for 20000 + 20 gems
Breakfast Cafe 10000 20City XP Level 21960
Sushi Restaurant1000020City XP Level 261002
FC Barcelona Sports Bar500010CityXP Level 4648
Casino00CityXP Level 7
Paradise Island unlocks at XP Level 28
Ice Cream Bar1500025Paradise Island(910)
Paradise Cocktail Bar2500025Paradise Island(975)
Corn Dog Van2500025Paradise Island1002
Café Mexicana2000025Paradise Island 1002
House of Crab2500025Paradise Island 1002
Sunset Waffles3000030Paradise Island(961)

Alpine Mountains

Smokey Grill BBQ2500025Alpine Mountains1008
Italian Buffet2500025Alpine Mountains(967)

Salad Bar3500025Alpine Mountains(978)

Aloha Bistro3500025Alpine Mountains(956)

The Areas Of The Kitchen

 Each kitchen has several different areas that serve a specific purpose:
  • A beverage dispenser and beverage - the beverage dispenser prepares beverages and refills itself automatically when empty.  It starts off with only one serving.  Each time you upgrade the dispenser, it will add an additional serving and the time it takes to refill will be shorter.  You can also separately upgrade the beverage price to increase its earnings.
  • The add-on item - this is an item that a customer might order in addition to their main order and beverage.  It may be a bowl of soup, a balloon, or popcorn, etc.  The machine starts off preparing only one serving.  Each time you upgrade this, it will add an additional serving and the time it takes to refill will be shorter.  You can also separately upgrade the price of the specific item it prepares to increase its earnings.
  • The Kitchen Tabletop -  this is the area where you prep food for cooking, add side dishes, and/or store cooked food.  You usually only have one or two Tabletop slots open; upgrading makes more slots available.
  • Main serving or cooking ingredient - this is located underneath the Kitchen Tabletop and stores the main ingredient or dinnerware that is used for all dishes in a restaurant (such as burger buns, pizza dough, cake mix, serving plates, etc).  Upgrading the price of this item increases your points earnings for every customer that orders a main dish.
  • Special food treat - this item is located underneath or to the right of the main serving or cooking ingredient.  After level 20, it becomes available for purchase; refills cost 3 gems.  Some customers will briefly ask for these treats randomly during their wait for food.  Serve these treats on levels where you are having a hard time earning enough points to get 3 stars.
  • Food prep/cooking area - this is located on the right of the playing screen and is where grills, pans, etc are used for cooking or preparing food.  You can upgrade this area to increase the number of portions that can be prepared at once and how quickly the preparation time will take.  You can also separately upgrade the price per portion of the primary ingredient being prepared.

Daily Income

Each unlocked restaurant earns you coins each day in the form of Daily Income.  You will want to return to the game each day to claim the Daily Income from each restaurant.  You don't automatically get the income; you have to manually click on the Claim button to get the Daily Income from each restaurant.   The Claim button is located under the Earnings block on each restaurant's main status screen at the top right side of the screen.  Daily Income is available every 24 hours after you last clicked on the Claim button.  The icons above each restaurant will sparkle when Daily Income is available.

XP (Experience Points)

  • Experience Points (AKA - XP) are points you earn as you play Cooking Fever and gain more experience.  Your level of experience is displayed at the top right of the screen.  This also displays how many points are needed to advance to the next experience level.  You will receive coins and gems each time you advance to the next experience level.  You will initially earn 2 gems and then a maximum of 7 gems.  Some restaurants offer higher game-play experience points; this includes the Breakfast Cafe and Sushi Restaurant at Levels 30 or higher, which will give you between 500-900 points per play.  You can replay these levels to increase your XP points, which will also earn you more coins and gems.
  • Several restaurants will not become available for purchase until you have a specific XP level.
  • You earn XP when you upgrade Kitchen and Interior items.  The amount of XP earned for an upgrade is displayed on each item.  The Seafood Restaurant gives you 700 XP points for upgrading the aquarium, although it costs you 22 gems.
  • You also earn XP and coins when you complete Restaurant Tasks and Game Achievements.  Our individual restaurant pages provide a list of each task and the Game Achievements list can be found here.

Special Offers

As you progress through the game, you will occasionally receive offers that either reduce the purchase price of a restaurant or special upgrade or a reduced-price upgrade. Cooking Fever has also recently begun adding special game challenges. These are often one-time only and limited time (usually 72 hours) offers and you won't get another chance to buy them later in the game. So if you don't have enough coins or gems to buy them when they become available, your only option is to delete the game and start over from scratch.

How To Get More Cooking Fever Gems

  • Coins and gems (some people call these "diamonds") are earned during the course of playing the game. Coins are fairly easy to acquire but gems in Cooking Fever seems to come along much more slowly. This can be veryfrustrating, especially when you are still early in the game with only 2 or 3 restaurants open. The internet is full of websites that claim to have a cheat or a hack to get unlimited free gems. The developers fixed the cheat that used to exist in the game, and there are no safe hacks you can install; you should know that you could potentially be downloading a possible virus or malware onto your device. Of course, you can buy gems directly from Google Play. That's the only real way to "cheat" and the only way the developers of this great game make money. But if you want to try to play without spending your own money, there are still ways to accumulate enough gems.

    • Return to the game daily for your Welcome Back reward; after day 7 you will receive 2 gems per day daily of consecutive game play.
    • Increase your XP (XP = Experience Points, which are displayed on the top right of screen); each time you advance to a higher an experience level, you will receive coins and gems. You initially receive 2 gems and will max out at 7 gems per level advance. You should try to increase your XP level at least once daily. 
    • Play the casino immediately after you claim your Daily Income from restaurants; place $500 bets until you get 15 gems. Update! Credit goes to Duo Kom'Ça - You can win 30 gems per day (exactly every 12 hours apart) in the casino. You'll need between 5000 and 20,000 coins to hit 15 gems. Visit the Cooking Fever - How To Get More Gems for details. It is harder to earn the daily casino gems on days when the game is offering reduced prices for purchasing gems or other specials. The Casino becomes available at XP Level 7.

    If you combine this strategy, you could earn 39 gems per day (2 for returning, 7 for advancing XP level, and 30 from casino).

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Overall Game Strategy

When you first start playing the game, you should keep your goals simple and remain patient.  This is a free game, and the only way the developers make money is by selling in-app coins and gems.  So naturally, getting enough gems to do upgrades (without buying them) is the most difficult part of the game.  Work towards getting the maximum daily gems each day.  Also focus on gaining XP (Experience Points) and passing restaurant levels with at least one star.  You can replay levels to increase your XP and, when you have enough coins and gems to upgrade Kitchen or Interior items, you can work toward passing with 2 or 3 stars per level. 

  • When you first start playing the game (Fast Food restaurant), focus only on one thing...getting to XP Level 7.  This will make the Casino available so that you can start winning 15 gems each day.
  • When you first start playing a new restaurant, upgrade your coin-only items as soon as possible.  Don't make gem item upgrades until you need to pass levels with 3 stars.  Instead, focus on just passing all the restaurant levels first.  Then go back and make any gem item upgrades as needed.  Your restaurant will earn a higher Daily Income if you complete more levels.  You can increase your Daily Income later by replaying all the restaurant levels to get 3 stars in each.  This strategy will not only get you a higher Daily Income, it will also speed up how quickly you advance in Experience Points (XP).
  • Avoid temptation.  Don't buy a new restaurant as soon as it becomes available.  If you are patient and wait, restaurants that you haven't purchased and unlocked yet will go on sale.
  • Start and finish a restaurant by completing it with 3 stars before you buy another restaurant.  The only exception is if you are offered a special discounted price on a new restaurant.  Why?  Because otherwise you will quickly realize you don't have enough gems to do the necessary upgrades if you are playing multiple restaurants at once.  Plus, you'll gain more experience (XP) by fully completing one restaurant at a time.  Completing the easier restaurants first will help you develop skills you'll need for more difficult levels.
  • Try to keep a few gems on hand just in case a special limited-time offer pops up.
  • An Automatic food machine will become available for several restaurants.  These are only available for 72 hours and you'll need quite a few gems to purchase them.  In some restaurants, they are a necessity in order to pass levels with 3 stars.  In other restaurants, they are more of a luxury and make the restaurant more enjoyable to play, but aren't needed to pass restaurant levels with 3 stars. Our Automatic Machine guide below will let you know when you should buy the machine.
  • Coins are easier to earn than gems.  When starting a new restaurant, upgrade all Kitchen and Interior items that are coin-only upgrades (upgrades that don't cost gems)
  • Save up enough coins BEFORE you buy a new restaurant so that you can immediately upgrade all non-gem Kitchen and Interior items.           
  • Welcome Back Reward - Open the game up every day even if you don't want to play the game every day.  You will be rewarded with 2 gems every day after returning for 9 consecutive days. 
  • You will also want to return to the game each day to claim the Daily Income from each restaurant.  You don't automatically get the income; you have to manually click on the Claim button to get the Daily Income from each restaurant.   Daily Income is available every 24 hours after you last clicked on the Claim button.  The icons above each restaurant will sparkle when Daily Income is available.
  • Play the Casino after you claim your Daily Income.  You can win 15 gems every day by placing $500 bets until you get 15 gems.  You can only win 15 gems every 24 hours (like Daily Income), so claim your Daily Income and play the Casino at the same time each day.
  • Customers become impatient and angry within 20 seconds.
  • If you don't have enough coins or gems to pass a level because you can't upgrade the beverage, stove and/or tabletop, leave all 4 customer's money on the counter.  Then fully prepare and cook up a dish while the beverage is refilling.  Once everything is done, pick up only one customer's money, serve that customer, then leave the money there again until the next drink and food item is fully prepared.  This should allow you to pass levels with one star.

Passing Levels

  • Each level has a minimum points earning requirement in order to pass.  The more points you earn, the higher your star rating will be.  The goal is to pass each level with a 3 star rating.  Based on what we've seen, it looks like you'll need to earn between 100-250 above the minimum score to earn a two star rating, and between 250-350 above the minimum score to earn a three star rating.
  • Different levels have different challenges.  On some, customers may be impatient, order several items each, or there may not be enough customers or items per order to meet the minimum point earnings.  Specific kitchen or interior item upgrades may be necessary to pass those levels. Use our restaurant links (at top of page) to get upgrade recommendations.
  • On each level, one or two food items will be ordered more than others.  Pre-play a level to see what the most popular food items will be for that level (or use the Level chart available in our detailed restaurant guide).  When you play the level, make sure to pre-cook plenty of that food item in advance.  See our restaurant listing above for a guide on each level.
  • To acheive a 3 star rating on a particularly difficult level, use the special food treats to increase a customer's patience and/or tip amount.  Some customers specifically wait for a special treat (a treat icon will briefly appear by their order).  Give these customers a treat while the icon appears and you will receive a bigger tip.  It is sometimes cheaper to pass a level by giving out treats than it is to upgrade to more expensive kitchen or interior items.
  • Get a jump start on each level by cooking main ingredients before the first customer arrives.   Use our restaurant links (at top of page) to find out what the first four customers will be ordering for each level, and prepare those items before/as they arrive.

Upgrade Strategy

  • You get the best benefit from upgrades that allow you to:
    • Cook more food at one time - Kitchen grills and pans, drink dispensers and add-on food items (popcorn, soup, etc)
    • Store more food at one time - Kitchen tabletop and warmers
    • Seat more people at one time - Interior tables and bar stools
  • When And What To Upgrade
    • In almost every restaurant level, one or two food items will be more popular and ordered more frequently than others.  This is when those items should be upgraded; either by decreasing their preparation time or increasing their price.  Each of our restaurant links (top of page) provides a breakdown of each level within that restaurant to assist you in developing your upgrade strategy.
  • Upgrade Kitchen and Interior items that don't cost any gems first
    • Earning coins is much easier and faster than earning gems.  At the start of a new restaurant, upgrade all the Kitchen and Interior items that don't cost any gems. 

How To Earn Coins

  • You earn coins every time you play a game level. Some restaurants offer higher game-play experience points; this includes the Breakfast Cafe and Sushi Restaurant at Levels 30 or higher, which will give you between 500-900 XP points per play. You can replay these levels to increase your XP points and coins.
  • Welcome Back Reward: You receive coins each consecutive day you return to the game.
    • 400 coins for returning on day 2
    • 500 coins for returning on day 3
    • 600 coins for returning on day 4
    • 700 coins for returning on day 5
    • 800 coins for returning on day 6
    • 900 coins plus 2 gems for returning on day 7 and each day afterward
    • The reward resets itself to day 2 if you skip a day.
  • Daily Income: You receive coins daily from each restaurant that is open; the more levels you have completed and the higher the star rating for each level, the higher the daily income.
  • Increase Your Experience Points: You receive coins (and gems) each time you advance to a higher experience level.
  • The casino is not a good place to gamble for extra coins.
  • Complete Restaurant Tasks: Each restaurant has a list of tasks, which increase your XP and give you coins as you complete them.
  • Restaurant Level Completion Bonus: You will receive a completion bonus in each restaurant as you complete levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40.
  • Acheivement Reward: you will receive a reward for each game acheivement you complete. Click herefor more details.


The Casino first becomes available once you have an XP level of 7. This should be while you are on Level 25-27 in the Fast Food Restaurant. As soon as it becomes available, go to the Casino and place $500 bets. You should hit 1000 coin jackpot in the first 3 spins. Continue placing $500 bets until you hit 15 gems within 5 more spins.

Increasing Customer Happiness and Patience

  • Special food treats become available in each restaurant around Level 20.   You purchase these items using gems (usually 3 gems per batch of 8 or 9 treats).   Hand these treats to impatient or unhappy customers when the treat icon appears next to their order.
  • If customers are coming in quickly and getting impatient, leave money on the counter for two of the 4 customer slots.  That way you will only be serving 2 customers at a time and they will hopefully be happier.  This is also a good approach if you find you are burning food too often.
  • If a customer is ordering more than one menu item, serve one item to each customer at a time.  Their happiness increases each time they are served, and they will wait longer for the rest of their items to be served.
  • Serve the simplest dishes first.

Increasing Customer Tips

  • Special food treats become available in each restaurant around Level 20.  You purchase these items using gems (usually 3 gems per batch of 8 or 9 treats).  Hand these treats to impatient or unhappy customers when the treat icon appears next to their order
  • Some Interior upgrade items increase the tip amount per customer; others increase the period of time a customer will wait and still tip.
  • Increasing Level Playing Time
    • If you find you don't have enough time in a level to cook and serve all your customers, you will need to upgrade Interior items that increase a customer's patience.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen upgrades either increase how quickly machines or cooking surfaces refill or cook food and how many portions can be prepared at once, and the price per portion of food. 

  • Upgrading equipment increases the portions serve and decrease the time to prepare the food item
  • Upgrading food items increases the price per portion, usually $1 more per upgrade
  • The best upgrades to start with are those that will increase the amount of food you can cook at one time and the number of cooking tabletop spaces you can use to store your food.  Two cooking burners/grills for each entree are usually enough, unless you are proficient at multitasking.  Avoid cooking too much at once; burning food and throwing it out costs points.
  • Upgrade your drink dispensers so that more drinks are available and they refill more quickly.  Although they refill themselves, on some levels every customer will order one or two and that can really slow things down.
  • Food warmers are also a convenient upgrade if you want to store more cooked food.  They're a good place to store prepared food, especially if you know an item will be popular on a level.
  • Some ingredients and upgrades only become available as you increase levels
  • Almost every level uses plates (or other base serving item or main ingredient), so increasing the price per plate increases earnings per customer.   Most price upgrades only pay off if many customers order that item or ingredient.  Upgrading this item ensures you get an increased price on every order of a meal.

Interior Upgrades

Interior upgrades are necessary to increase a customer's patience and waiting time, as well as their tip amount.  Item upgrades improve seating, entertainment or atmosphere.  Each interior item can be upgraded up to three times.  Unlike Kitchen upgrades, which are available immediately, some Interior Upgrades can take 30 minutes to several hours before becoming available.  Upgrades improve the following:

  • Customer waiting time - how long a customer will wait for their food.  Each upgrade increases waiting time by 2 seconds.
  • Tip amount increase - customers are more generous with their tips (if they tip)
  • Tip time increase - the longer a customer wait for their food, the less likely they are to tip; this upgrade increases the length of time that they will wait and still give a tip
  • Extra customers - this upgrade helps increase your earnings by providing another customer and is usually the most expensive upgrade, although giving customers treats is probably less costly

Automatic Food Machines

An Automatic food machine will become available for several restaurants. These machines will automatically cook or prepare food for you, and food won't burn. They are upgrades that are offered a different levels and are only available for a limited time (usually only 72 hours). They also make it easier and more enjoyable to complete levels. You can purchased these with gems, and they tend to be fairly expensive. If you still need to upgrade your cooking tops after you have purchased the automatic machine, you can safely turn it off temporarily; you won't have to re-buy it in order to turn it back on again. You turn the machine on/off in the Kitchen Upgrades screen.
In some restaurants, they are a necessity in order to pass levels with 3 stars. In other restaurants, they are more of a luxury and make the restaurant more enjoyable to play, but aren't needed to pass restaurant levels with 3 stars. The guide below will let you know when you should buy the machine.
 Fast FoodAutomated hot dog/hamburger cooker10 to 15Level 17Save your gems. Don't buy this unless you really need it.
Cocktail bar Automated ice maker40Level 27
 Chinese restaurantAutomated shrimp/fish/chicken cooker30-40
 Breakfast barAutomated sausage/egg/pudding cooker30 to 40 Level 31
 SeafoodAutomated seafood machine50 to 70 Level 27
 Barcelona Sports BarAutomatic Glazed Sticks Cooker5000 coins and 10 gemsLevel 27
Ice Cream ParlorAutomated waffle maker30
Mexican RestaurantAutomated meat mincer40Level 27
 Sunset WafflesAutomatic Waffle Maker40Level 27
 House Of CrabAutomatic Zucchini Fryer40
 Smokey Grill BBQAutomatic Ginger Ale Dispenser20
 Salad BarAutomatic Lettuce Washer40
 Aloha BistroAutomatic Laulau Wrapper40

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Cooking Tips

  • Pre-cook as much food as you can and store them on the cooking table top or food warmers, especially for the first 2-4 customers in that level. Pre-play a level to see what the first 2-4 customers will be ordering and what food item will be ordered the most during that level.
  • Place prepared food at the same position on the cooking table top each time.  It's quicker to know to automatically just grab the same dish from the same location.  When you are rushing to serve a lot of customers, avoid getting confused or trying to find dishes by always placing cooked foods at the same location on your cooking table top.   For example, in the Chinese restaurant, always place shrimp at the top, fish in the middle, and chicken at the bottom of the cooking table top.


  • These are tips that the game developers included, which pop up randomly as different screens load

    • The faster you serve your customers the more generous they are with tips
    • You can use coins to win extra gems at the casino
    • Upgrade cupcakes in the Kitchen Upgrades.  It will improve your score immediately
    • Always try to cook as many dishes as you can simultaneously
    • Don't miss your special offer - it will improve your score
    • Kitchen upgrades will make your game easier and more enjoyable
    • Find some levels particularly hard?  Use cupcakes to boost your score
    • Remember, you can travel to Paradise Island by clicking on the cruise ship
    • Take a visit tomorrow for a welcome back bonus
    • Prepare as much food as possible in advance
    • You can increase the daily income of your restaurants by completing more levels
    • Try to upgrade your kitchen appliances first
    • The interior items aren't just there to look pretty
    • Running out of time? Upgrade your tables, chairs, etc to make your customers wait longer.
    • The later location you play, the greater XP you get
    • Every location has different tasks
    • Investing in more expensive upgrades in the same category pays off
    • For customers requesting several dishes, serve one to make them wait longer
    • To get more tips, serve customers who are only asking for one dish first
    • Try to upgrade your kitchen appliances first
      • 1. Prepare Your Food Earlier Enough.

        Have some of your food items ready before customers start flocking your restaurant. Customers doesn’t complain about pre-prepared food, and there are warmers to keep the food at the right temperature.

        Whether you cooked it an hour ago or 5 minutes ago, you earn the same amount of coins.

        Drinks refill on their own, so you should not be worried about preparing them in advance. At the start of the game, you will have limited cooking equipment for food items like hamburger and hot dogs. These are the kinds of food items you should prepare before customers start coming in.

        Tip: Reduce customer waiting time to level up faster and earn more gems and coins.


        2. Upgrade Your Kitchen.

        You will have an opportunity to upgrade your kitchen when you are done with level one. The aim of upgrading the kitchen is to increase the cooking capacity. With upgrades, you will be able to cook multiple food items at once.

        Use the cash you have earned so far to buy more efficient cooking equipment. You can also sell the old equipment and use the money to do the upgrade work.



        3. Upgrade Your Restaurant.

        The purpose of upgrading your restaurant is to make your customers comfortable and happy.

        Cooking Fever has 8 restaurant locations: Breakfast Cafe, Fast-Food, Bakery, Sushi, Pizzeria, Chinese, Indian and Chinese. Install new barstools, tables, televisions and disco balls on all these locations.

        The reputation of your restaurant will increase with each upgrade. Your customers will tip you, talk about your restaurant to other customers and widen your customer base.


        4. Replay Completed Levels.

        Revisit levels with low scores and aim to get maximum scores from them. You will earn additional gems and coins which you can use to upgrade your kitchen and restaurant. You can also earn gold stars and experience points which come with bonuses.



        5. Increase Your Food Prices.

        This is a great strategy especially if you are not getting enough coins in the game. Your customers may not like it, but it is a great way to keep your business running.


        6. Understand Customer Facial Expression And Mood.

        In Cooking Fever, customers can be happy, concerned, sad or angry.

        There are a number of things that can affect the mood of your customers, including waiting time, food quality and restaurant decor. You should be able to understand their mood and act accordingly.

        Tip: Keep your customers happy and they will make your restaurant their preferred destination. With many customers, you will level up faster and earn more gems and coins.

Cooking Fever

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