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Illogical, meaningless, stupid and unfair, but extremely entertaining at the same time. Yes this is "Trollface Quest". In this funny point-and-click adventure game you are in charge to guide trollface safely through all levels and protect him from getting caught by other evil trolls. 

Every stage is a real challenge. Think extraordinary and use your rich fantasy to solve all puzzles and reach next level in "Trollface Quest". Click on the given objects and figures and see what happens, sometimes you need more than one try to find out what's actually going on. 

Silly sounds and funny music will make you laugh like a real LOL face. Enjoy the trololo quest! 

Walkthrough: (Level 1 – Level 5)

For anyone having trouble, here's a walkthrough of how you can beat each level:

1: Click the light red button on the TV.

2: Click the left guy's eyes.

3: Click the triangle on the green door, then click the door itself.

4: Click the guy five times, then click the pipe segments to make one connected run.

5: Click the group of three people, then click the leaves of any one of them.

Walkthrough: (Level 6 – Level 10)

6: Click the zipper pull right behind the bull's horns.

7: Click the wand when you're a human.

8: Click the car 18 times, then wait.

9: Click the guy 19 times.

10: Click the word "Trollface" 10 times.

Walkthrough: (Level 11 – Level 15)

11: Click the small black "minimize" button on the "lifelines" window in the upper-right twice, then click the "win" button.

12: Drag the piece of candy through the maze to the trollface, drag it up and outside of the puzzle, then click on the "next level" button.

13: Click the green triangle to move the car down, click the triangle to move the car up (after you pass the first black box), then click on one of the two black boxes as they approach the car.

14: Click on the boulder right before it hits the man.

15: Click the green button on the left 99 times, then click the green button on the right once.

Walkthrough: (Level 16 – Level 20)

16: Let the walls close in on the man, and when the blades almost hit him, click the small button on the upper-right corner of the right wall.

17: Click the nine trollfaces, then click the trollface on the "level failed!" window next to the "restart" button.

18: Click the "jump" button so you jump over the first two spike traps, but walk over the third.

19: Click the following notes: third from the left, leftmost, fourth from the left, second from the left, then click on the man.

20: Click the wires, then click the light red button on the TV.

Hope that helps anyone that was stuck.

Trollface Quest

For Trollface Quest. This a complete guide for Trollface Quest. It helps you to pass each level of Trollface Quest Game. If you are in love with this ugly trollface, you must download this app. There are total 20 levels in Trollface Quest. This walkthrough covers all the levels. Trollface Quest is a point-and-click adventure game, like a puzzle game. You have to click on the right sequence to help Trollface pass to the next level.

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