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Last Update: May 14 2018 08:05:00

Game Introduction

Game Introduction

There are no navigation controls, nor any inventory or control there of. When you reach the end of a scene two or more items will pop up on the screen. Simply click on one to make your choice, and then sit back and watch the consequences. Occasionally your choice will not include objects but actions, and those decisions need to be made quickly, or your poor prisoner will suffer the consequences.

Get the Donut medal!

Get the Donut medal!

Choose "file"

Choose "door"
Quickly click on the left side of the screen, then the right when prompted.
Choose "chair"
Go left
Hover your mouse over the upper left side of the screen
When you fall, click the plate with the Donut

The Lawyer scene

Lame ending:
1.Hit the cell phone.
2.Laugh at the funny trial while you:
3.Present the bag.
4.Listen to what they say, you'll get why you aren't guilty!
5.Go free.

Sneaky ending

Sneaky ending

  1. File with cell door (in some videos, you see you are on a high floor, so no window).
  2. A signal will appear left. Click as soon as it does, then repeat on right side.
  3. Use the chair & crawl right.
  4. Plunge down, meaning use the plungers.
  5. Run away.

Bad boy ending:

  1. Drill down, then grab that crowbar.
  2. Oh dear. Dodge toward the bottom of the screen, to the left of your guy.
  3. Then go up the wall, so forward, or to the left of the screen.
  4. A signal will appear. Click as soon as it does to dodge all the bullets & become a true bad boy escapee.

Video Walkthrough

escaping the prison by Mayala285

Escape The Prison

This app is a complete guide for Escape The Prison. Escape The Prison is an escape the room type of puzzle game where you have to find objects and use them in order to find a way to escape the prison. Escape The Prison Walkthrough: Take the blanket from the bed, and notice the tally count on the wall.

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