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General Tips

There 5 scenes and the final one is a bit different from the others. The order of clicking is fixed so if you clicked on the item in wrong timing nothing will happen.

Look for cursor-changing hotspots with your mouse and click on them to interact with the scenes. 

If you get a little ahead of yourself, say by attempting to just run straight for a creature's delicious innards, your squishy alien invader might get killed, but that'll just reset the current scene, so feel free to experiment. 

You start out pretty weak, but as you absorb various creatures, you'll gain new abilities, and by the end of the game, you'll have six possible deaths to mete out to the final victim. All of which, needless to say, are totally gross.

Procedure for stage 1 & 2

Stage 1

1 click the lamp cord. 

2 click the mower cord. 

3 Turn on the mower. 

4 Open the toolbox and click it. 

5 Knock the wooden block on left side of the stick. 

6 click the stick. 

7 click the trash can. 

8 click the garbage. 

9 click the mower. 

Stage 2

1 Pick up a can in the back near the cooler and throw it at the spiderweb. 

2 Eat the spider. 

3 Put the log and the magazine in the fire pit. 

4 Take the lighter out of the jacket pocket and light the campfire.

 5 Put the lower left can of beans on the fire. 

6 Eat the skunk. 

7 Go to the cracked window. 

Procedure for stage 3 & 4

Stage 3

1 Eat the scorpion in the tank. 

2 Open the fridge and throw the hotdogs on the floor. 

3 Go outside through the window and eat the dog. 

4 Go back inside. 


1 Rattle the dishes while the man is drinking. 

2 click the cigarettes 

3 click the first cupboard. 

4 click the lighter and use the spray can. 

5 click the man. 

6 click the window.

--> To the Final stage

Ways to get all six endings at the final stage

Ways to get all six endings at the final stage

In the final stage, there is a total of 6 possible endings depending on your choice, combination and the order. Below is the way to get them.

Suffocation: Spray, Web. 

Ventrical Penetration: Spray, Claw, Sting. 

Decapitation: Web, Spray, Bite. 

Envenomation: Spray, Sting. 

Evisceration: Spray, Claw, Bite. 

MUTATION!!!: Web, Spray, Sting, Claw and Bite. 

Video walkthrough for Scene 1-3

Video walkthrough for Scene 1-3

The Visitor Returns Walkthrough - 1st 3 Scenes by Tasselfoot

Video - Final Stage all 6 Endings

Video - All 6 Endings

There are 6 endings in the final stage. If you still cannot get all the endings after reading the above tips, this video might helps!

The Visitor Returns Walkthrough - All 6 Endings by Tasselfoot

The visitor

This app is a guide for The Visitor Return. Do not download if you afraid! The Visitor Return is a classic point-and-click adventure game. This guide include detail walkthough of each level. If you are fan of The Visitor Return, please download this app. Do you play this horrifying game before. This game is talking about a alien visitor arriving on earth, whenever it eat by it enemies, it will become stronger. You play as this alien visitor, you have to defeat you enemies until the end of story.

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